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Our affectionate team is happy to welcome visitors to this web from all over the world of high-tech investment platform. We would like to adjacent your attention to a latest company born at the Hong Kong - which is based on efficient and highly profitable operations in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market. CFIE INVESTMENT LIMITED is professionally engaged in the process of mining and trading in the basic types of cryptocurrency - Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Amalgamating the experience of our best technicians and financial experts, as well as using the latest ASIC equipment for mining and powerful graphic cards of the latest generation, we have achieved excellent results. Our experienced team attracts international investment for the presentation of a network of new mining farms and the development of trade skills at the best cryptocurrency exchanges. Minimum requirements for investors, the business gaining momentum and well thought-out development strategy make CFIE INVESTMENT LIMITED service incredibly popular around the world.

The firm's management and regulation of the investment project have developed the best profit offer not only for countless clients, but also for everyone who is looking for a maximum effect of investments: each firm's registered user can also use a unique referral link.
Investment offer
CFIE INVESTMENT LIMITED is pleased to offer its amenity to everybody. The increase in financial assets of the company means more potential revenue for us and our customers around the world, and we actively use this opportunity. Up to date, our team offers the best investment strategy on the background of similar offers on the Internet. Regardless of the plan you choose, your earnings will be credited at the end of the period, which ranges from 1 to 30 calendar days (including weekends and holidays). The return of your deposit is also included in the total payment at the end of the investment period. Your income is progressive and depends only on the amount you invest, as well as on the chosen period for the work of your deposit. Below you can find information on current rates of profit, and more details can be found in your personal account and will be available immediately after registration.

CFIE INVESTMENT LIMITED is working with Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Litecoin as payment instruments. Note that Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Litecoin crediting to the deposit balance takes some time: it will be processed after 3 confirmations of the Bitcoin network. However, any profit withdrawal request will be processed automatically and immediately after creation.
Calculate your profit!
Before making a deposit, you can check what will be the total return on your investment. To do so, use our calculator: choose the investment strategy (plan), and enter the amount of your deposit to obtain the overall result (including the return of your deposit).

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Formerly several years we provided lucrative services to many firms and have honed our knowledge of how to do business with a small attracted capital. Within that period we have formed our own trading strategy in different markets with the elements of high financial security. The main goal of our work is the safety of funds, and only the following our task is to make high profits.
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